Summer in London

Memories of the last two summers in London (it’s nice to reminisce now that it’s 2 degrees outside). It’s an amazing place to spend your summers, even if there aren’t as many canals as you’d think based on these photos.

Dilemma (at a Broadway Market cheese stand):

The definition of happiness:

Happiness is a tree swing:

Day off:

A cool baby:

“Having your spirits lifted can make it a good day”, says the advertisement in the window (no idea what that means, but the area is hipster central):

Reading in the park (I used to do this a lot after work; let’s make it a new year’s resolution to revive the habit):

Quiet country lane on the edge of London (Springwell Lane in Rickmansworth):

Only happens every 50 or so years – the surprisingly enjoyable (more like a street party than an endless traffic jam) Olympics in London:

Simply awesome houseboats on the Grand Union Canal in Brentford (West London):

Towpath Cafe on the Regent’s Canal in Hackney:

The Regent’s Canal in Camden:

Cycle parts:


Parkland Walk, an old railway line converted into a walking/cycling trail:

See the London photo map with all my photos of London (with their locations shown on the map).

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