Winter Hiking

Took this photo on Saturday on Parkland Walk (a former railway line in North London). This dog was obviously promised a game of Where’s Waldo; he got dressed and everything, but the game’s clearly not happening in this black-and-white forest:

Then yesterday I took the train to Bayford (about 30 mins from London) and went for a long walk in and around Broxbourne Wood; I discovered this place a few years ago, and has been one of my favourite (short) day trips from London since.

Quiet country lanes leading to Broxbourne Wood:

The entrance to Broxbourne Wood:

The forest:

An Ent on bad hair day:

Complete chaos:

Contrast this with this photo I took of the same place in Autumn:

On the way back – courtesy of the incompetence of British railway companies – I got to take a bus trip across all of North London, which turned out a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be – the snow-covered city in the evening looked almost magical (and I don’t use the word ‘magical’ lightly); it was as if all ugliness had been removed .

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