Budapest's Thermal Baths

Among Budapest‘s unique features are its beautiful thermal baths. All of these baths have pools filled with (very) warm thermal water (between 30 and 45 degrees Celsius), and many are open until late night (10pm or even 2am on Fri/Sat), which makes them perfect for spending a cold winter evening. The hot outdoor pools are great even if it’s below zero degrees outside.

The photos below were taken in the outdoor pools of Széchenyi Baths, a large medicinal bath complex (built in the early 20th century) in the middle of Budapest’s City Park. The wells providing the baths with hot water are almost 1km(!) deep and produce water that’s hotter than 70 degrees Celsius. The pools are open until 10pm, and a kiosk sells beer next to the pool (though sadly you can’t drink in the pool itself). You can see an aerial photo showing the baths here.

On an evening where the air temperature is hovering around 0 degrees:

Another one of Széchenyi Bath’s pools:

Angelic statue watching over the bathers:

Among the most famous photos of this pool are the ones showing people playing chess in the water on “floating” chess boards (though they weren’t tonight):

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