Los Angeles

Scenes from California:

  • “The first person to live 150 years is already alive.” (Billboard in Silicon Valley.)
  • “Medical centers” on an LA beach offering to test if you’re eligible for medical marijuana. The logo of these “medical centers” is almost always a huge hemp leaf.
  • A mural showing Schwarzenegger training on Muscle Beach in Los Angeles.
  • Wedding in a suburban garden, with the best man telling the crowd that the couple met in Vegas, hooked up at Halloween and then also got engaged at Halloween a few years later.
  • Crazy people in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district (famous for its crazy people). One was standing in the middle of the pavement, combing his “hair”, even though he was almost completely bald. When he finished the combing, he just stood there with a smug expression on his face, like after a job well done.
  • Warner Brothers telling LA residents of upcoming film shooting in the area by sticking “Notice of filming” notices on their walls.
  • “I’m in a program for troubled youth.” – a 16-year-old kid, when asked what kind of uniform he’s wearing.

Below are some photos of Los Angeles (you can see more photos here).

Venice Beach is one of the most frequently used filming locations in movies set in LA:

I cycled past this vintage car show on the streets of Culver City in Los Angeles. They’re a lot more beautiful than today’s (average) cars:

A practical method of transporting your surfboard:

A very hot day in Culver City:

A cool bicycle dog in Venice:

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