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Allegany College takes players far from home and gets them into Division I programs The Mountain Pass Basketball: In the hills of Western Maryland, Allegany College takes players far from home and gets cheap jerseys them into Division I programs. December 15, 1998By Christian Ewell Christian Ewell,SUN STAFF CUMBERLAND A few steps inside the Allegany College gym, jerseys hanging near the ceiling represent 75 players who have gone on to play Division I basketball since 1971. Beckoning with their rich reds, whites, blues and golds, they explain why a city kid heads for cheap nfl jerseys china the hills, wondering along the way, where am I going? “When we started hitting those mountains, I woke up,” said Derrick Worrell, 20, a would be star who recalls being roused by the uphill struggle through five mountain passes on cheap jerseys the ride. “I was thinking, ‘A couple of hours till we get there?’ I was worried. It was definitely a new sight to look at.” Worrell came to this economically depressed city in Western Maryland on a roundabout route,

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