Cape Raoul on the southern edge of Tasmania


Tasmanian cows staring fixedly at the rare sight of a traveller (Tasmania is a large island off the coast of Australia)


Looking down the southern hemisphere's highest (300m) cliffs on the Tasman Peninsula


Tasmanian mountains


Perched on top of Cape Raoul's cliffs




Shy echidna (a hedgehog-like animal); driving in Australia at night involves being on a constant lookout for wildlife; when our hostel's owner learned that we'll be driving at night, her advice was: 'If you accidentally hit something, make sure it's dead...'


Tasmanian fields






The Tasman Sea


Eucalypt trees contain oil, making some Australian wildfires last for weeks or even months


Boulder hopping in Tasmania


The mountain Barn Bluff as seen from Cradle Mountain


The Cradle Plateau


Looking up at the way ahead - climbing Cradle Mountain involves a fair amount of boulder hopping


The depths under Cradle Mountain


The landscape of central Tasmania


Little hut on the shore of Dove Lake, with Cradle Mountain in the background


Eucalypt trees near Crater Lake


Crater Lake near Cradle Mountain


Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania, Australia


Marion's Lookout


The increasingly steep side of Cradle Mountain, with the path winding its way upwards


Dove Lake from Marion's Lookout


Tired hikers on the shore of Dove Lake


The Cradle Plateau


Beware of the wombat


Eucalypt trees have protective shells around some of their buds allowing them to be reborn a few years after completely being burnt out in a bushfire, just like in this picture


Eucalypt trees contain a lot of oil, therefore many Australian bushfires spread very rapidly and burn for weeks or months


Eucalypt forest on the Freycinet Peninsula


Huge boulders in the side of Mt Mayson


Wallabies (various smaller kangaroo species are called wallabies) in Freycinet's car park


Fearless (some would call them cheeky) wallabies looking for food


Scenic Wineglass Bay on a not-particularly-beautiful day


Dirt track in the Grampians National Park


The dry Grampians Plains after the drought of early 2009


The dry lands of the Grampians


On the road in Australia


Vast fields in the Grampians Plains


Gundawilia(?) - private property in the Grampians


The national park is full of kangaroos and other wildlife


Summer by the MacKenzie River


Above the Grampian wilderness


The summit of Mount Zero, a sandstone hill in the Grampians


View across the Grampian Plains


The MacKenzie River


One has to be extremely careful in Australia to avoid running over animals which come out at dusk (kangaroos and possums are probably the most adventurous ones, trying to see your car from up close)


Tiny settlement (possibly of holiday homes?) near Halls Gap


Sunset in the Grampian Plains


On the road


Grampian landscape


The plains surrounding the Grampian Mountains


The dangers that may befall you while hiking


The 12 apostles rock formations


The storm's coming


At the Gibson Steps


The Twelve Apostles


The otherworldly stacks of the Twelve Apostles (previously called Sow and Pigs)


View along the Great Ocean Road


Sandy Australian beach


On top of the Gibson Steps


Bells Beach


The Great Ocean Road coastline about 180km from Melbourne


A beach off the Great Ocean Road




Seagulls circling off the Gibson Steps


The steps leading down to surfer paradise Bells Beach


Surfers at famous surfing spot Bells Beach


Port Campbell National Park


Hardy vegetation in Port Campbell National Park,


Old Ford


Manual hand signal


Hard-57 at the Old Skool Hotrod Club's annual Grampians Hotrod Run in Halls Gap


Junior Jalopies


Vintage dashboard


A minimalist design among the hotrods decorated to impress


It's functional


Big-64 - hot rods at the Grampians Hotrod Run






Hot rod with droopy eyelids


Family on Hawley Beach, Tasmania


A cloudy day on Hawley Beach (Tasmania's weather is cooler than mainland Australia)


Thousands of shells permanently attached to rocks lying on the beach


Brighton Beach, Melbourne


Life on St Kilda beach


The Capital City Trail/Yarra River Trail bike paths along the Yarra River


Chapel Street is the busy high street of Prahran, Melbourne


St Kilda Pier


Chapel Street Precinct on a windy day when you couldn't walk down the street without wiping sand from your eyes




The beach in the Port Melbourne neighbourhood


Street clutter


Hosier Lane is a patchwork of graffiti


Narrow Hosier Lane (straddled in the middle of the Central Business District, just like nearby AC/DC lane) is full of fairly creative graffiti


The Australian Dream - the affluent neighbourhood of Hampton


Industrial leftovers a stone's throw from the CBD


Melbourne (just like the rest of Australia) seems like a rather car-centric society, but cycling infrastructure is remarkably good


Albert Park - the road that runs around the lake is turned every year into Formula 1's Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit


Lookout point along the seaside promenade in Elwood


'Caution! Students with long boats crossing'


Melbourne has many excellent cycle paths and bike lanes, including this route that runs for tens of kilometres along the seaside


Escaped balloons


The entrance of Luna Park (a theme park) in St Kilda


'Meat is murder', says the self-eating sausage (with madly grinning children's book character Mr Tickle next to it)


Middle Brighton Beach


Middle Brighton Pier


The CBD as seen from Brighton (about 10km away)


Boulevard of Broken Dreams - perhaps an appropriate decoration in this milk bar in Balaclava


Movida tapas bar uses graffiti-like self-promotion as it's right next to graffiti-filled Hosier Lane


No slippers


A heritage number 30 tram in the Southbank Tram Depot


Terraced houses in the Carlton North neighbourhood of Melbourne


Melbourne people


Southgate pedestrian/cyclist bridge in downtown Melbourne connects the CBD (Central Business District) with the Southbank


Pickles Street


Power kites (kites strong enough to pull a person on a surfboard/skateboard/buggy) on St Kilda Beach


The seaside promenade in Elwood on a hot summer day


Melbourne has a fairly extensive public transport network of trams and commuter trains


Resting in Studley Park (Abbotsford)


View from the top of Curtin House


Melbourne seaside


Bayside bike path




St Kilda beach


Sitting on the bank of the Yarra


Space invaders in Australia


St Kilda Pier


This is probably art.


The donkeys are on a strict diet at Collingwood Children's Farm in Abbotsford


Busy Swan Street in Richmond


Tai Chi on the beach


Victorian terraced houses in Melbourne's Cremorne neighbourhood


The Albert Park neighbourhood is full of Victorian heritage buildings like these


Summer in Albert Park


Terraced houses (rowhouses) in the Albert Park neighbourhood


Melbourne is crisscrossed by a tram network


The keeper of the trams (various generations can be seen from the historic W6 type to modern, 21st century Combinos)


A less flattering view of the CBD from Curtin House on Swanston Street


The Skipping Girl, an iconic neon sign in Abbotsford formerly used to advertise a brand of vinegar called 'Skipping Girl'


Tenant directory in eclectic Curtin House (with a rooftop bar and cinema on the 7th floor)




Waiting for the tram


The Webb pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Melbourne's Docklands (large chunks of which being transformed into a business district)


A probably once simple utility pole that got more and more complicated over the years


The Capital City Trail/Yarra River Trail cycle path running along the Yarra River


Yarra Promenade


Southgate Bridge and the CBD (Central Business District)


Posh houses along the Yarra River


Narawntapu National Park (formerly called the Asbestos Range) in Northern Tasmania


Narawntapu NP contains an extensive network of hiking trails


Sandy beach in Narawntapu NP


Vegetation on the sand dunes of Narawntapu




Leaving a small airport in Australia


Most of Tasmania (nicknamed the Natural State) is unspoilt wilderness


Glinding's fun


The Western Highway in Victoria


Small Tasmanian village




The Western Highway




Evening in Tasmania


Central Tasmania


The bay outside Hobart with Mount Wellington in the background


Beware of the Tasmanian Devil - a ferocious marsupial (it has a pouch just like the kangaroo) indigenous to Tasmania, a large island off the coast of Australia


Along the Western Highway in Victoria during the droughts of early 2009


Small - and apparently deserted - settlement in Tasmania near the place called 'Nowhere Else'


Tasmanian nightlife?

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