Prague as seen from the lookout tower on Petrin Hill.


Prague and Charles Bridge


The Castle District (Hradcany) from above.


The view from the tower of St Vitus Cathedral


Czech beers are well-known for their quality


Cycling isn't a very popular activity in Prague, probably due to the abudancen of narrow and cobbled streets


The Bridge Band playing jazz on Charles Bridge - the band was formed shortly after the country became independent from the Soviet Union in 1989


Knitted car (Kempe Museum; museum for modern art)


Night view of the Castle District of Prague.


Walking the grounds of the Prague castle (the Hrad).


Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), the way too touristy pedestrian bridge of Prague (you should also visit it at night).


People on Charles Bridge.


Inner city church in Prague.


Malostranská underground station - many Prague metro stations are decorated this way


Peculiar contemporary art on Wenceslas Square (Václavské námestí), the main square of Prague.


Darling, I'll call you later


Angels - the so-called eclectic architectural style popular in Eastern European cities often adorns the facades


View from the Gunpowder Tower at the end of Charles Bridge.


Varied graffiti (from 'Reach for the stars' to 'Russians go home' to Super Mario)


'I know who appreciates the self-employed in Pragues district 1' - a 2010 Czech election billboard




Autumn in Queen Annes Summer Palace on a hill adjacent to Castle Hill - the views are great and is a very tranquil place, with hardly any tourists


I Heart


View from Letná Park (East of Castle Hill), a place popular with locals


An afternoon on Slovansky Island


An old joke resurrected as a mural


The former site of a Stalin monument, a concrete plaza in Letná Park is a popular spot with skateboarders


Krtek the mole was a popular childrens character in Eastern Europe in the 80s


Dark Krusovice beer


Prague cafe


Club Le Mirage


Old street musician on Charles Bridge.


Washboard used as a musical instrument (the musician has thimbles on the ends of his fingers)


Ke Hradu, castle district.


The houses lining the Vltava river.


Riverside Smetanovo St (Smetanovo nab.)


Charles Bridge at night.


People watching a busker on Charles Bridge


Prague's less-known side (an 'ordinary' residential district as seen from Vysehrad castle)



The Old Town Square (Staromìstské námìstí) is the center of Prague's downtown


Night view of the Old Town Square.


Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, one of the most characteristic things in Prague.


The Old Town Square with the Orloj bell tower to the left.


Staromìstské námìstí.


Houses lining the Old Town Square.


Wretched weather


Children's drawings in the Oliva Gallery - what is this place?




Waterfront café on the Vltava river.




Reach for the stars


The Vltava river


Tiny Slovansky Ostrov, or Slavic Island is a tranquil spot on the river Vltava






Discarded shoes? (They look a bit like a statue.)


Ironic graffiti, possibly directed at the mass of pointless 'tags' (signatures) that tend to encroach building facades in many Eastern European cities


The giant faceless baby statues outside the Kampa Museum, a museum of modern art




Motorbike, toy shop


Old tram.


Tram Café on Wenceslas Square (the main square of Prague).


A narrow tram stop with election billboards covering every possible surface in the background


Riverside street named after 20th century sociologist and philosopher Tomáš Masaryk


Letná Park


St Vitus Cathedral


One of St Vitus cathedral's rose windows.


Vivaldi on guitar - a slightly unusual combination






World clock in a square where time stopped 30 years ago


Knitted car


The Sedlec Ossuary of Kutna Hora has a collection of incredible bone sculptures.


Bone pyramid in the Kutna Hora ossuary.


This chandelier in the Sedlec Ossuary allegedly contains all the bones in the human body.


The chandelier






Odd advertising for the Vinná pub


Mr Chaplin


Love (2)


A smalltown Czech Moulin Rouge


A historic scene adorning the wall of a house






Bleak wall with liposuction ad - a true Eastern European contrast



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