Evening talk


Nyhavn (New Harbour), the most beautiful street in Copenhagen


Nyhavn 17


Nyhavn is full of people every night in the summer


Nyhavn boats, Copenhagen


Fire painter in Nyhavn






Scandinavian colors


Nyhavn in daylight


Amalienhavn in Copenhagen is a port of several centuries old ships




The Central Staion of Copenhagen


The Round Tower of Copenhagen, serving as an observatory, and - more recently - as an exhibition hall


View across the strait between Denmark and Sweden from Helsingor


Typical scandinavian house in downtown Helsingor


Orange + Blue




Old Scandinavian house in Helsingor


The colors of Scandinavia


Orange hut belonging to Hamlet's Elsinore Castle


Anna Queens Straede


The old train station


This architectural style - lacking any apparent parallel lines - is quite popular in Denmark


Parking in Helsingor

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