View of Venice from the bell tower in St Mark's Square, known as the Campanile.


View of St Mark's Cathedral and Venetian houses from the Campanile.


The city has an incredibly chaotic street map.


Venice at night


Floods (or 'acqua alta') might cause a bit of a problem here




Italian unloading a mini-barge full of wine.


Chinese restaurant


Rusty sign saying 'Circolo 7 fratelli Cervi' (Circle of the 7 Cervo brothers?)


Around the clock cigarette vending machine


Drying clothes




The colours of Venice






The intersection of Rio de San Margherita and Rio Novo


Friends having a few beers


Along the Fondamenta Minotto


After midnight


Basilica di San Marco as seen from the Campanile (bell tower)


Basilica di San Marco near sunset


Arriving in Venice


Houses lining the Sacca della Misericordia


Late afternoon in the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo


A local family walking down Fondamenta degli Ormesini


Dark alley




A gondola


Gondola port by St Mark's Square.


Grand Canal, the thoroughfare of Venice.


Traffic on the Canal Grande


The Canal Grande at night


The 'ground' floor of this house seems to be disused - there are very few Italians living in Venice now


A night grocer


Locals playing the guitar



'New Ghetto Square' - Ghetto was the name of the area where Jews were detained in the Venetian Republic in the 16th century; this is where the name for 20th century ghettos comes from


Laundry day in Venice.


Laundry day.


Nighttime dead-end


View from Rialto Bridge


9 manhole covers scattered apparently randomly over a few square meters


A Chinese restaurant in Venice


Venice's way of going to work.


Tranquil Venetian night


Venetian night.


After midnight, Venice's streets and channels are completely empty.


'No entry' traffic sign at the entrance of a canal


View towards the islands of Murano




Venice at night


On the phone


On the phone II


The miserable life of the photographer's girlfriend


This is what happens when you let your friends coat you with breadcrumbs


Security guard teaching a little girl how to yo-yo


The Rio Novo





The red wall


Venetian house details


Dome renovation as seen from the Ponte dell'Accademia (one of the few bridges over the Canal Grande)


Local restaurant


The performance of the live opera singer of this restaurant was a bit disrupted by the kids banging loudly on the metal right next to her


Campo de l'Arsenal in the Castello district


Closed shops line Rialto Bridge


Posh restaurant by Rialto Bridge


View from the top of Rialto Bridge along the adjacent street


Rio Chiuso - the canal has been closed


Canal traffic lights are in fact quite rare, but can be found in some places


Rooms with views over a marina


Being bare-chested in public carries the same 25 to 500 euro fine as the defacing of monuments


The Santa Marta area (with right angles almost everywhere) looks a lot less chaotic than the rest of Venice


Scarful is the Italian Banksy (well, not quite). The sign points towards the railway station


A self-service gas station for boats


Give way sign at a canal intersection


Few people actually live in Venice, most of the people in the street are tourists


St. Mark Square (Piazza San Marco) is hardly ever seen without hundreds of people.




For some reason giant pencils line the Fondamenta Bonini


The tourists of Venice


On the Fondamenta degli Ormesini


Street numbers are unique all over Venice, adjacent numbers often found miles away from one another


Tunnel leading to the Calle de le Colonne






Traffic lights at a canal intersection


Arriving vaporetto waterbus in Venice bay.


Regular vaporetto service as seen from the Ponte dell'Accademia


Canal Grande


Derelict-looking vaporetto (water bus) station.


Motor boats on Fondamenta Pescheria and a station for vaporettos going to Murano airport.


Cigarette vending machine


In the Campanile (belltower)


View from the Campanile to the East




Venice in the evening


Venice at night




Near the north coast




Italian man with drying clothes


Along the Sestiere Cannaregio


What could they have meant by that?


Derelict building overlooking a canal


The contours of Rome.


Fountain in Rome.


Piazza Navona of Rome is a typical Italian piazza.


The people of Piazza Navona.


Rome in rain.


We're going.




The river Tevere.


Waiting for the sun.


Night in Rome.


The facade of Florence's Baptistery.


Ponte Santa Trinita (Holy Trinity Bridge) in Florence.


Street painter in Uffizi.


The Cathedral of Florence (Duomo di Firenze).


Outside details of Florence's Cathedral.


People queuing to be able to go up to the Cathedral's huge dome.


Sun sets on Florence.


The huge Florence Cathedral from a small alley.


The Port of Bari.


Aging walls in Bari.


Nuns in the Vatican City.


St Peter's Cathedral (Cattedrale San Pietro) in the Vatican.


The ancient amphitheater of Pompeii.


Under the Pompeii amphiheater's arches.

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