Deserted streets


This food vendor was using meat of some rather surprising colors




Nightlife in the medina (the Arabic maze-like quarter found in many Moroccan towns)


The smoke of frying food rises from dozens of stalls




After work




Downtown Meknes


Homeward bound


The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, a former Moroccan sultan


Adobe houses


Avenue Mohamed V


After 9-10pm previously thronged streets like this one suddenly become empty


Traffic-free zone


The shanty is the local police station




Signs in Arabic and French


A Moroccan meal - at least before you get diarrhoea


Everything to the right


Downtown Meknes


The medina in Meknes


A very busy intersection without any apparent highway code


Crumbling window


The triumph of engineering




Tangier's old town and beach on the Gibraltar strait


Arabic stop sign


Night in Marrakech


The chaotic main square of Marrakech


The remnants of a day-long market


On the way home


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