Birdcages hanging outside are a common sight in Lisbon's labyrinthine  Alfama district


The Alfama district of Lisbon


Stray peacock


These excellent cakes are a Portuguese speciality


Dancing - bar in the Sao Jose neighbourhood (near the Bairro Alto)






The Fillet (O Filete) eatery


Locals at a fishmonger filled with dried Bacalhau (codfish), one of Portugal's most-beloved food




Old yellow funicular












Portuguese and Spanish are very similar in writing (though the pronunciation's very different); The text means 'Silence. This place is sacred. We are praying'


Ginja, a sour cherry liquor popular in Portugal




Mailboxes in an old Lisbon house


Manhole cover


Local meats




Ascending the stairs to the Bairro Alto neighborhood, which is completely dead during the day, but comes alive at night with bars and restaurants open until late


'No More Lies' - judging by the (English- and Portuguese-language) graffiti in Lisbon, there's a lot of anger directed at authorities in Portugal


Friday night




Pastéis (cakes)




In May 2010 the city was full of anti-capitalist propaganda


The Bairro Alto ('high district'), located on top of a hill with great views over Lisbon's downtown


Public transport




Closed - no dogs


Seafood is plenty in Portugal, with codfish (Bacalhau) being one of the most typical ingredients


A modern hotel staircase






In our experience young people used to a flat terrain climb Lisbon's hills about as fast as local 70-year-olds - living here must be good for your health (though not necessarily for the joints)


Steps on a steep Lisbon hillside


Bus stop


Under Lisbon's Castle (Castelo)


Preparing for a feast


Terrace overlooking the old town


'This receipt must be presented in the case of an anomaly', says the public transport receipt


Blue tiles with cows


Colorful tiles (azulejos) cover many houses in Lisbon


Azulejos (blue tiles) depicting farm life on the walls of a cafe


Funicular in the Bairro Alto


Dark night


Lisbon's old trams (streetcars) are a unique experience as they creak along winding and narrow lanes




Bicycles, tricycles


An unusual mode of transport


Up to the Bairro Alto


Exceptionally whole 'Vigor' milk


Downtown Lisbon


Fake windows




Advertising Uruguayan film director Juan Pablo Rebella's movie Whisky


The 80s? (Santa Justa neighborhood, Lisbon)

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