Gran Canaria's weather is a year-round Spring/Summer


On the road in the volcanic mountains that make up most of the island's interior


Sign that surely means 'take a sharp left or you'll die' in Spanish


The village of San Nicolas de Tolentino


The dunes of Maspalomas are largely made up of crushed shells


Down - incredible views approaching La Aldea de San Nicolas


Mill in the middle of nowhere




Houses perched on top of a hill in San Nicolas


San Nicolas de Tolentino


The Sahara-like sand dunes of Maspalomas


Lobster (la langosta) requires special tools to crack but tastes excellent




'Where should we put the mill, José?' 'I think, María, where there's the most demand for flour.' 'Good point, José.'


The Canary Islands have a huge network of excellent trails among the mountains, and the less-known areas have very little trafic


Not Arizona


Downhill among the farms on the mountain


On the road




Playa del Inglés ('English beach')


By the Atlantic


The sand dunes in Maspalomas




Spanish appetizers: gazpacho, oyster and mussels


Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup


Bus stop at an altitude of 1200m - buses can barely navigate the narrow and winding mountain roads and passes


Canarian tapas (a variety of small dishes): wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas; a local speciality), mojo sauce, calamari, serrano ham, olives and bread


It's just resting (the agave produces this long stem while flowering, and then the whole plant dies)


A barranco (deep valley or canyon) on Gran Canaria


'Dónde está la zapatería?' 'About 20km from here, son, because we built this village on top of a mountain.'


Waiter showing the fish to be grilled to customers


The Atlantic Ocean


0km at an altitude of 1200m (3600 feet)

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